• Rosedale Mooncake
    Rosedale Mooncake
    Rosedale Mooncake is 100% locally made, delicious yet healthy. Mooncake coupons are also available as a decent gift for your friends and relatives. Please contact us for more details to enjoy bulk pur...
  • Vietnamese Food Festival Buffet Dinner
    Vietnamese Food Festival Buffet Dinner
    Summer tends to awaken your strong appetite for rich flavors. "Vietnamese Food Festival Buffet Dinner" at Sonata Western Restaurant is bringing you various dishes. Enjoy it now with a special offer!...
  • Summer Lunch Buffet
    Summer Lunch Buffet
    Sashimi and Sushi from Japan, the Sour and Spicy Tom Yum Kung from Thailand, Australian Sirloin Steak, Oxtail braised in French red wine, traditional Chinese soup, Cantonese barbeque etc. are awaiti...
  • Sweet Temptation
    Sweet Temptation
    Lovely desserts match coffee and black tea well and will create an unforgettable moment. Now, Serenade Lounge brings to you the tempting dessert offers- the Chocolate Mousse Cake and Donuts sets with ...
  • Lunch/Dinner Buffet Coupon Discount
    Lunch/Dinner Buffet Coupon Discount
    Share the buffet lunch/dinner buffet with your friends in Sonata. Buy 10 lunch/dinner buffet coupons in a time and you will get more discounts.
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